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SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 DR. ELIZABETH SUSHKO received《经济与社会发展研究》杂志社稿件录用通知, CHINA

Dr. Elizabeth Sushko has received《经济与社会发展研究》杂志社稿件录用通知 1 as confirmation that her legal article written in the Chinese language (Mandarin) will be published in November 2020 in the next edition of 《经济与社会发展研究》2 .
The title of her article is 《欧盟新《通用数据保护条例》的规定:关键术语研究》3.
Dr. Sushko’s manuscript has received the unique ID No.: dj20200907194.
The photo copy of the Notice of Acceptance is available on the webpage “About Dr. Sushko”.

1 A Notice of Acceptance of the Manuscript by the “Research on economic and social development” Magazine
2 “Research on economic and social development”
3 Provisions of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation: a research on key terms.