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Privacy Notice

12 December 2021

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice is designed to explain how any personal information is protected and handled.

This website has no reasonable means to obtain contact details from visitors unless they voruntarily decide to do so.

This website is created and is operated for the purposes of academic expression; whereas ‘academic purposes’ constitutes one of the ‘special purposes’ according to Part 5 of Schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act 2018.

The processing of personal data carried out for the special purposes if—
(a) the processing is being carried out with a view to the publication by a person of academic material, and
(b) the controller reasonably believes that the publication of the material would be in the public interest.

Information published on this web-source is related to the publication by a person of academic material; publications are focused on international public law, international private law; comparative law; national laws of UK, China, and other countries; the concerned publications do not have any intention to breach the Editors’ Code of Practice.

In determining whether publication would be in the public interest, the special importance of the public interest in the freedom of expression and information is taken into account.

In determining whether it is reasonable to believe that publication would be in the public interest, there is a regard to the Editors’ Code of Practice with the latest changes taking effect from January 1, 2021. According to the Code, there is a public interest in freedom of expression itself and the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) will consider the extent to which information is already in the public domain or will become so.

There is no public interest justification for breaking these clauses of the Editors’ Code of Practice:
• Clause 1 – Accuracy
• Clause 4 – Intrusion into grief or shock
• Clause 11 – Victims of sexual assaul
• Clause 12 – Discrimination
• Clause 13 – Financial journalism
• Clause 14 – Confidential sources
• Clause 15 (i) – Witness payments in criminal trials

The provisions of UK GDPR which may be exempted or derogated from by virtue of Article 85(2) of UK GDPR are as follows;
(a) in Chapter II of the GDPR (principles)—
(i) Article 5(1)(a) to (e) (principles relating to processing);
(ii) Article 6 (lawfulness);
(iii) Article 7 (conditions for consent);
(iv) Article 8(1) and (2) (child’s consent);
(v) Article 9 (processing of special categories of data);
(vi) Article 10 (data relating to criminal convictions etc);
(vii) Article 11(2) (processing not requiring identification);

(b) in Chapter III of UK GDPR (rights of the data subject) —
(i) Article 13(1) to (3) (personal data collected from data subject: information to be provided);
(ii) Article 14(1) to (4) (personal data collected other than from data subject: information to be provided);
(iii) Article 15(1) to (3) (confirmation of processing, access to data and safeguards for third country transfers);
(iv) Article 16 (right to rectification);
(v) Article 17(1) and (2) (right to erasure);
(vi) Article 18(1)(a), (b) and (d) (restriction of processing);
(vii) Article 19 (notification obligation regarding rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing);
(viii) Article 20(1) and (2) (right to data portability);
(ix) Article 21(1) (objections to processing);

(c) in Chapter IV of UK GDPR (controller and processor)—
(i) Article 34(1) and (4) (communication of personal data breach to the data subject);
(ii) Article 36 (requirement for controller to consult Commissioner prior to high risk processing);
(d) in Chapter V of the GDPR (transfers of data to third countries etc), Article 44 (general principles for transfers);
(e) in Chapter VII of the GDPR (co-operation and consistency)—
(i) Articles 60 to 62 (co-operation);
(ii) Articles 63 to 67 (consistency).

If this website starts to process private data, then an updated new Privacy Policy will be introduced with regards to new circumstances.

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This Privacy Notice is subject to updates.