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SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 DR. ELIZABETH SUSHKO received《时代人物》杂志社稿件录用通知, CHINA

Dr. Elizabeth Sushko has received 《时代人物》杂志社稿件录用通知 1 as confirmation that her legal article in Chinese will be published in the November 2020 being the next edition of 《时代人物》2 . The title of her article is 《中国、乌克兰和德国的股份公司模式:比较分析》3.

It is specified in the Notice of Acceptance, that the article by Dr. Sushko has a considerable academic value.

The photo copy of the Notice of Acceptance is available on the webpage “About Dr. Sushko

1 A Notice of Acceptance of the Manuscript by the “Times Figure” Magazine
2 “Times Figure”
3 Models of joint stock companies in China, Ukraine and Germany: a comparative analysis.